Ingrid Hu


by Heatherwick studio



Formerly a public house called the Prince Albert, Konstam at the Prince Albert is a restaurant by chef Oliver Rowe. The grade II listed Victorian building has 52 window panes, some with stained glass that need to be retained. The idea for the lighting installation is a playful response to the light that comes into the space through the windows. The light rays are materialised into strands which bounce off the ceiling and travel in various directions before descending as lampshades. More than 100km of metal bead chains were used to create 52 lampshades which were linked to the ceiling and window frames.

Commissioned by chef Oliver Rowe, Ingrid worked as the lead designer for the light installation with Heatherwick studio. The lighting installation was realised by collaborating with a team of makers, experimenting with casting and making techniques and using an array of bespoke jigs.