Ingrid Hu


Kazzum Arts

February, 2012


Location theatre for 11-16 year olds

The Girl Who… begins like any other tour of the impressive Spitalfields Market in east London and the atmospheric streets surrounding it. But then we meet Monika, an extraordinary character whose past experiences have changed her life forever. Suddenly we are impelled to help Monika on her physical and emotional quest to answer a basic human question: “What is my true identity?”

Inspired by Kazzum’s work with young refugees in London, the show is based on a traditional Buddhist fable, ‘The Man Who Didn’t Want to Die’, this fast-paced, immersive and interactive performance places the audience in the driving seat for a 90 minute adventure through the old buildings, streets and markets of east London.


Director Daryl Beeton  |  Designer Ingrid Hu  | Dramaturge Carissa Lynch  |  Composer Chloe Clifford-Frith  |  Video Jamil Yamani