Ingrid Hu

UK Pavilion, World Expo 2010

Working as part of the core team on the UK Pavilion project at Heatherwick studio, Ingrid led the exterior/interior landscape that formed the backdrop of the legendary Seed Cathedral at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China.

The landscape resembles a piece of wrapping paper, unfolded to reveal the pavilion building, suggesting that the pavilion is a gift from the UK to China. Approximately the size of a football pitch, the sloping surfaces form an open field supported by a ramp structure that housed 1500sqm of functional spaces. The open space acknowledges the significance and the record of the UK as a pioneer of the modern public park.

En route to the Seed Cathedral, visitors experience three installations designed by Troika responding to themes of Green City, Open City and Live City, each unique in its presentation and use of technology.

The Pavilion is open from May to end of October, 2010, and over seven million people visited the UK Pavilion.