Ingrid Hu


Norway and UK tour

Performers – Gerd Elin Aase (dybwikdans), Luke Birch (Flexer & Sandiland), understudy Marie Ronold Mathisen (dybwikdans)

Choreographers – Siri Dybwik, Yael Flexer

Digital artist – Nic Sandiland

Animator – Per Dybvig

Composer and Dramaturg – Nils Christian Fossdal

Set designer – Ingrid Hu

Costume designers – Siri Dybwik and Ingrid Hu

Lighting design/production management – Natalie Rowland

Photography by Morten Berentsen


RAS Sandnes Kulturhus, Norway

Varen Randaberg Kulturscene, Norway

The Lowry Salford

Ideas Test at GlassBox Theatre, Gillingham

The Place Theatre, London

Brighton Festival

A digital dance show for ages 3-6 by Flexer & Sandiland in collaboration with Norwegian company dybwikdans.

Guided by two friendly dance-performers, adults and children delve into magical caves, explore leafy forests, soar through starry night skies, and meet playful characters; loosely inspired by the children’s classic Alice in Wonderland.

This is an interactive dance performance where audiences can choose to sit back and watch or get up and get involved. The performance incorporates animated hand-drawn projection, dance, sound, text and interactive digital objects, creating an intimate yet spectacular experience.