Ingrid Hu

In The Net

by Misha Levkov

Jermyn Street Theatre, London

Director – Vicky Moran

Designer – Ingrid Hu

Lighting Designer – Jonathan Chan

Composer & Sound Designer – Matt Eaton

Video Designer – Daniel Denton



Laura – Carlie Diamond

Hala – Suzanne Ahmet 

Anna – Anya Murphy 

Immigration officer/Councillor/Estate Agent – Tony Bell

Harry – Hywel Simons 

Photography by Steve Gregson

“Sometimes you surprise people into being better than they are.”

Laura and Anna, half-sisters, plan a grand net stretching across the skyline of North London as a way to unite their community. But not everyone’s convinced. Meanwhile Hala, a Syrian refugee staying with the family, finds herself caught in a tangle of immigration red tape. With time running out, drought spreading, and the authorities closing in, the net becomes their arena in the pursuit of justice, joy and safety.

Misha Levkov’s stunning debut interweaves the lives of the three women as delicately as the web they weave on stage. Family, protest, and the joy of defiance meet in this thrilling production, directed by Vicky Moran. In the Net follows WoLab’s critically acclaimed productions For A Palestinian, ENG-ER-LAND and RAINER.