Ingrid Hu

Light / Dark

SU-EN Butoh Company, Uppsala Concert and Congress studio, Sweden

Installation performance

Filament LED light bulbs, cables, paper

Choreography – SU-EN

Light installation – Ingrid Hu

Music – Mikael Stavöstrand

Performers – Madeleine Holmund, Heiko Klandt

Photography by Ingrid Hu

We perceive light because we experience darkness. It is never just one or the other.

For over a century, we live as if we no longer rely on daylight. It is a paradox of wanting both. Artificial light presents a physiological dilemma, and more so in a place like Sweden where duration of daylight varies from one extremity to the other.

The installation is a response to this constant power negotiation between light and dark, seen and unseen. An artificial topography of light that evolves and adapts around our changing body. At the centre, a luminous element remains constant, reminding us the physical reality that dictates our natural world. This topography illuminates, in total darkness, and in our mind.

Invited by SU-EN, the collaboration started with a research and development period around light as a material. Using commonly available domestic light bulbs, the process involved dipping light bulbs in paint to reveal the glowing filament and making the glass to be its own light shade.

Produced by SU-EN Butoh Company and Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Sweden