Ingrid Hu


by Gracie Gardner

The Yard Theatre

Director – Grace Gummer

Designer – Ingrid Hu

Fight Director – Claire Llewellyn

Lighting Designer – Marty Langthorne

Composer & Sound Designer – Esther Kehinde Ajayi

Movement Director – Yami Lofvenberg

Voice Coach – Rachel Coffey

Assistant Director – Amber Evans

Casting Director – Naomi Downham

Original composition of ‘Netch’ by Miguel Fernandes + Louise Scheuer


Athena – Milliicent Wong

Mary Wallis – Gracie Saif

Jamie – Amaia Naima Aguinaga

Photography by Ali Wright

In a New York City fencing club two warriors are ready to battle. 

Athena and Mary Wallace are training for the Junior Olympics. They practice together. They compete against each other. They spend their lives together. They wish they were friends. 

From Award-winning playwright Gracie Gardner, following an acclaimed extended run in New York, comes a fierce coming of age comedy where two teenagers parry class, competition and power as they practice fencing and life. But only one will win – en garde.

Directed by the first recipient of the National Theatre Women of Tomorrow Director’s Award Grace Gummer.


deeply funny” (Exuent) “sabre-sharp” (Time Out)

★★★★ “Enthralling

“Aided by Ingrid Hu’s engrossing blue-and grey piste set, complete with netted curtains and metallic flooring, and Esther Kehinde Ajayi’s constant, tension-building soundscape, it is clear, that ultimately, only one will be victorious.” (The Stage)

★★★★ “Impressive” (The Independent)

★★★★★ “Exhilarating

“Ingrid Hu and Marty Langthorne conjure a fencing club, a teenage bedroom, a nightclub with lighting alone. Noset changes here: only speed-of-light transformations from there to here, keeping up with the velocity of the swinging blade.” (Londontheatre1)