Ingrid Hu

The Global Playground

Manchester International Festival & Theatre Rites

Great Northern Warehouse, 2021

Director – Sue Buckmaster

Choreographer – Gregory Maqoma

Designer – Ingrid Hu

Composer – Ayanna Witter-Johnson

Lighting Designer – Guy Hoare

Sound Designer – Nick Sagar

Production Manager – Ali Beale

Digital Film & Production – Martin Riley

Assistant Director – Rebecca Taylor Sharman

Assistant Choreographer – Gemma Nixon

Assistant Designer – Michael Douglas

Puppet Makers – Stitches & Glue, Talk to the Hand

Performers – Jahmarley Bachelor, Thulani Chauke, Annie Edwards, Sean Garratt, Merlin Jones, Kennedy Junior Muntanga, Charmene Pang

Photography by Tristram Kenton

A group of dancers meet to make a film – but things get wonderfully weird when the camera takes on a life of its own…

We can now connect with anyone, in person and on screen – but is the camera our friend, our playmate or something else entirely? Partly inspired by our year under lockdown, The Global Playground explored the magic of our first encounters, how we play together, how we connect and sometimes disconnect – and ultimately how we make the most of the time we spend together, however we spend it.


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